We are Matt and Wendy Thrush.

Six years ago we met with friends of ours who had been roasting almonds for 15 years. Our friends had made a profitable business roasting almonds, having “fun” going to festivals up and down the coast, and traveling to different states selling their delicious snacks.

In December 2001 Wendy went in for a simple surgery. While on the surgical table a series of medical emergencies occurred. It was on that day, December 10, 2001 that our lives would be shaped to take a new adventure. Wendy had lost 42 years of memory. After two years of rehab by family, and friends Wendy wanted to get out and do something again. Thanks to the mentoring of our friends, M & W GOURMET FOODS opened for business in June 2006.

Together with our children, Brandon, Ryan and Mariah, “Team Thrush” applied to do local festivals, boutiques, charity events, car shows, ¬†beach parties, Blues/Jazz, Cajun Festivals, Wine Tastings, Bible studies, and church events. It wasn’t long before Wendy was approached by a Farmers Market manager asking her to participate in their markets. Team Thrush started with three Farmers Markets, continuing to expand each year. We are excited to have our healthy 1 oz snacks available on production sets for craft services!

Wendy has always enjoyed baking and cooking. She soon realized that her artistic creative side could escape and create new masterpieces that customers really enjoyed. Her Granola, baked fresh daily, has been Matt’s staple for five years. M & W continues to grow, adding to our array of flavored, water roasted almonds. Our almonds are complimented by a selection of chips, Fruit, Veggie, Green Bean, Apple, Beet, and Carrot…a DREAM of Wendy’s “A HEALTHY Snack Alternative.”

Our menu continues to change, enjoying time in the kitchen creating!


Try your favorite M&W snacks in a 1 oz resealable bag!

Find us here:

Channel Islands Harbor,Oxnard 10 - 2 pm


Wendy’s Story