Wendy’s Granola

I have been making my granola for seven years.

It is a wonderful blend of oats, fruits, coconut, and almonds. I started making it for my son’s friends who are all athletes of different sports. My husband Matt is my best customer, he has eaten my granola everyday for years. Unless the cook forgets to bake him some! Since everyone liked it so much I then started to give it away for gifts. One of my son’s friends called me one day and said…

“I really think you should start selling this, Mrs. Thrush.”

So, I did! Enjoy…

Try eating it in a bowl with your favorite milk.
Sprinkle some over your favorite yogurt too!

Our granola is baked with oats, honey, cranberries, coconut, roasted almonds, cane brown sugar, cinnamon & vanilla.

Available in one, two and three pound bags.


Try your favorite M&W snacks in a 1 oz resealable bag!

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Channel Islands Harbor,Oxnard 10 - 2 pm